You can be sick and without taking any medication you eventually become well again.However,there are some signs that  you can keep in mind for you to know if you are seriously sick and medical attention is mandatory.The following signs indicate a doctor is necessary the time you experience them:


This may be the only early sign of sleep apnea.A sleep disorder characterized by obstruction in the airways that can increase your risk of pulmonary hypertension and subsequent heart failure.


Also known as cheilitis.This can signal a deficiency in B vitamins,especially vitamin B12,which can put you at risk of illnesses such as anaemia.For a simple source of B12 use popcorns,olive oil,nutritional yeast and cayenne pepper.


For a healthy body,your urine should be crystal clear.If you see a lot of yellow in the toilet,you are probably not drinking enough fluids.Drink a lot of water to avoid kidney stones.


Several studies link gum problems with heart disease,stroke and arthritis.The inflammatory response from gum disease may increase harmful chemicals circulating in your body.If you see red on your tooth brush,”STOP!” and see your dentist.


A waist larger than 40 inches for men,or 35 inches for women,doubles the risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke.Abdominal fat changes the the way our bodies work in profound ways.Some abdominal fat hugs organs and leads to production of hormones and other substances that increase the risk of heart disease,diabetes,dementia and some cancers.


Though rare,isn’t it?Strange.The doctor nearby measured you two years ago.You were five feet.Now you are five point five.There’s a reason why you are shrinking.It is because your bones are degenenarating as a result of osteoporosis.To protect your bones,make sure you are getting enough of natural calcium,vitamin D and relaxation responses  which are rarely prescribed by doctors.


This is for men.Men should be watching for changes,pain or lumps in their testicles.Lumps may be indicating prostate cancer.


Your headache symptoms can help your doctor determine it’s cause and the appropriate treatment.Most headaches are not serious but some may result from a life threatening condition requiring emergency care.Possible causes of headaches are acute sinusitis,brain tumor,concussion,ear infection,hypertension,post-concussion syndrome,stroke,hangovers,toxoplasmosis,brain aneurysm(a bulge in an artery in your brain) and serious eye condition.Next time you have a severe headache,visit the nearest doctor as fast as possible.


Fatigue is you body’s way of telling you something.When you have just slept for 9+ hours and after waking up,it is like you have been digging a shamba all night.You may be having cancer or anaemia which makes you feel that way.


Whether it is a mild stomach ache,sharp pain or stomach cramps,abdominal pain can have numerous causes.Some of the more common causes include:food poisoning,food allergies,ulcers,hernia,kidney stones,urinary tract infection,endometriosis,Crohn’s disease,pelvic inflammatory disease and lactose intolerance.When abdominal pain lasts for more than a few hours and it is tender to touch,seek medical attention.

Above,are the 10 signs that can put you out of danger if you contact a doctor after noticing them on you or your loved one.Save a life!

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