Luca Berardi just turned 13 years recently.He is the only child of Mr.Giorgio Berardi and Mrs.Mary Muthoni Berardi.He studies at Nairobi International School(NIS).This young environmental activist was born in Italy,lived in Thailand for 3 years before relocating to Nairobi,Kenya.

Just at the age of 8,he founded Young Animal Rescue Heroes,an organisation that mobilises young people on matters of conservation.With the help of his family,he hosts workshops and presentations on environmental issues.Luca and his mother visit schools to create awareness on endangered wildlife and environmental conservation.

Specifically,YARH intends to network with other children and adults in creating awareness to the public through public speeches,animal-themed competitions(drawing and writing),celebrating animals through children fun days and music,working with people around parks and government agencies on training animal rescuers.

Luca has been able to bring together several stakeholders on board including the Kenya Wildlife Service(KWS),Giraffe Center,Ministry of Tourism,Kenya tourism board(KTB),Chandaria Industries LTD,Ekotech LTD and various schools across the country.Chandaria is a leader in paper recycling which relieves pressure on deforestation.Ekotech recycles tetrapaks making dustbins,school desks and laminated boards among other products.YARH is currently collecting waste paper and sending it to Chandaria Industries for recycling.




Apart from being an environmental conservation torch bearer,he is also a singer,actor,as well as a dancer.He has staged various perfomances in Kenya,Romania and Thailand.He has also hosted the Big Minds KBC Tv show for 3 years now.



Luca spends most of his free time reading wildlife related books,drawing and writing books on animals.This young lad is generous.He donates most of the money YARH raises from recycling to the Kenya Wildlife Service and to buy books for underfunded schools.

He admits that the biggest obstacle is struggling with obtaining resources for YARH programs and laments that adults often do not take him seriously.

The organisation invites children and adults from all over the world to be part of the initiative and work together to save endangered animals in every region of the world.

In future,Luca wants to become an actor and a film director.

Luca’s message to the world:

“You do not need elephant tusks hanging over your furnace as trophy,or a couple of rhino horns as your centerpiece.There are other a million more ways of showcasing one’s wealth.”

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