God, Break Me, If Need Be

Today am going to make a very dangerous prayer. One so dangerous that can make a man lose everything he truly owns, divert from his faith, digress from the normal course of life or even commit suicide. This is a prayer for the strong but it has a powerful effect.

I was viewing a sermon on YouTube by Ravi Zacharias recorded in 1997 and he talked about the Israelites in the desert.  He said that they underwent turbulent times for 40 years in the desert so that God may teach them three things.

1. Humility – So that they may be able to look into their own hearts as God sees it.

2. Spirituality – So that they may fully realize that man shall not live by bread alone.

3. Faith – So that they may be fully dependant on God for everything.

It was sad that as they settled in the promised land they lost the truths and were in bondage again.

Ravi introduces another aspect of self-denial to wordly things referencing from the story of Daniel that talked about how Daniel refused to defile himself with the King’s food. He knew that he will be tapped into this lifestyle and he will find it hard to get out. The Israelites might have forgotten the truths God revealed to them by defiling themselves with unjust ways.

My prayer will be centred on this, defilement by wordly things.

“Father, I come to you today with this prayer, a prayer that I know once I make it, I will not come out the same way. I may have said this prayer quite a number of times before but I never meant it.

Forgive me for the times I have knowingly sinned, intentionally taking Jesus to the cross. Forgive me for the times I said that you will understand anyway since you never created me perfect. Forgive me for the times I justified myself with the sins of David, a murderer, an adulterer yet a man after your own heart: what about me, a petty thief and a liar? Won’t I be a boy in your heart?

Forgive me for the times I kept you at bay, like how I dispose my watch as I shower. Forgive me for how I wanted you to work at my convenience, calling your name when disaster struck, when all went haywire and my days turned gloom.

Forgive me that material things replaced you. Forgive me that my expensive wear made me proud, forgive me that my job title outclassed people who pillared me to my success. Forgive me that I took you for granted. I cannot really count my sins because as many as the stars, they dart my soul. And now that I believe that you have forgiven me…

Do away with ANYTHING, that causes me not to worship you. No matter how important, no matter how flashy no matter how valuable. Destroy any material thing that comes before you, should it be my car, my valuable gadgets, my wardrobe or my possessions. Let any being who has replaced you as a deity be no part of me anymore. Face off what I have given much attention and rip off any pleasure that distances me away from your love.
God, if need be, break me apart and restructure me, moulding me into a new being pleasing of you.”

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