Cool Easiest Tips For Making You a Better Smartphone User.



Smartphones have become essential to life.They are so central to our lives.If you’ve not been taking proper care of your device,it is time to get smart about caring for it.Take note of the following tips:

1)Keep Your Phone Well Charged.
Android smartphones work best when kept fully charged.Always avoid using a phone until it completely runs out of power.Never use your phone in extreme temperatures because that affects the battery and lowers it’s storage capacity.

2)Clear The Browser Cache.
As a user,i have no doubt that you enjoy surfing the web.However,using the internet for long periods of time can lead to a buildup of data in the phone’s active memory.The memory in the browser cache clogs up the phone’s active memory and slows down it’s ability to surf the web.You should therefore take your time to clear your browser cache by;opening up the browser,tap on “Menu,”then tap on “Options,”then tap on “Settings” and finally tap on “Clear Cache.”At this point,confirm that you want to clear cache and the phone will clear the browser cache.As simple as that.

3)Delete Cookies and Unused Media or Apps.
A variety of information in form of software apps,documents,video and photos are stored by an android smartphone to refer back to or use in the future.These files are accessible in the phone’s “Gallery.”Other information stored may come in form of “Cookies.”Cookies are programs installed on a user’s website browser to help keep track of their web usage history for marketing purposes.Deleting unwanted cookies,apps and media can get a phone back to peak performance.
Deleting cookies can be done by;tapping on “Menu” of your browser then scroll to “More Options,”choose “Settings” and then tap on “Clear All Cookie Data” and the phone will ask for verification before deleting the cookies.
Deleting apps can be done by;opening up the “Settings” menu,then tapping on “Applications,”tap on “Downloaded Apps” and then select “Uninstall”.By doing so,you will have removed the application from your phone.

4)Performing Factory Reset.
This is a tip that should only be used as a last resort.Restoring the phone to it’s factory settings will delete all of the downloaded and saved files on the phone.You can restore your phone to the factory settings by opening up the “Menu,”then tap on “Settings,”tap on “Factory Data Reset.”Confirm by selecting the “Reset Phone” option.All the information added to the phone will be erased.The phone’s operating system(OS) will still be intact and ready to use.It will basically be in the same state it was when you first received it.

Enjoy using your device!

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