Easy,Get Rid Of Spam In Your Mail Box By Doing This.

The service is great for users of Gmail,Yahoo! Mail,Outlook and AOL.By signing up,you will be able to see emails from only the people you want.There will be no more unsolicited emails getting into your mail box.Boxbe uses a Guest List that works like a chat list or social network friends list to send your important messages to the top of your inbox.

As an account holder of Boxbe,you decide who stays and who gets out of the Guest List.If you receive any email from someone who is not on the list,he/she will have to verify to be human.That person will also have to verify that he/she knows you.Once that is done,the email will be delivered to your inbox unless you decide to drop that person off the list.

Emails from unverified senders will remain in your waiting list for review.Therefore,you do not have to wait for a sender to approve him/herself.All you have to do is create an account here.If you ever want to cancel your account,it is as simple as the click of a button.

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