What you should know about Rabbit King Kaka

​Rabbit King Kaka has become a household

name in the music industry of this

country.Rabbit is a rapper,songwriter as well as

prominent businessman.King Kaka is with no

doubt a lyrics prowess who boasts of very huge

number of fans in Kenya and beyond the

borders.He was raised in a humble background

but has managed to change the lifestyle of his

family.His career is not ending anytime soon

while he continues to gather more fans.Here is

what you should know about him: 1.King Kaka’s

real name is Kevin Ombima and his ancestral

roots trace to the Western region of Kenya.

2.Ombima was born on date 7 of May in 1987 in

Eastleigh,Nairobi where he was also raised.

3.He began his journey to success in the year

2011 when he met with Jorma Taccone,a

member of The Lonely Island during his visit in

Kenya as part of his trip for AFAR Magazine’s

“Spin The Globe”.Together they did a song and

it turned out to be a hit with YouTube views of

over 1M. 

4.In 2012,Rabbit joined the business

sphere and launched his own clothing line

dubbed “Niko Kwa Jam Nakam.”

 5.A water

company was launched by King Kaka in 2015 as

his second company.The company

manufactures and distributes purified water all

over the country during events. 6.He is married

to Chemutai Sage who is a fellow rapper known

by stage name “Sage”Together they have 2

children but they decided to part ways to

concentrate on their music careers. 7.King Kaka

is a lecturer at Zetech University in Ruiru where

he lectures on art as well as talent

management,a job he began this year. 


mother did not know about his music career.She

saw him on television one day then called and

asked him,”Is it you am seeing on

TV?”However,she had always wanted him to

look for a job of his own apart from

music,something that rabbit has accomplished.

9.He reared rabbits while he was young and

before he got into class 1 he had reared 40

rabbits.He used to raise some money which he

used to pay his own fare to school. 10.Rabbit

King Kaka is an alumnus of Eastleigh High

School and he did accounts in campus as a


Currently,he is the CEO of Kaka

Empire,something that he says has always been

his dream since way back.Kaka Empire is

specialising in talent management and has

several artists under it’s umbrella. Among the

artists,there is Timmytdat,Femi One and Avril.

As Eleanor Roosevelt put it,”The future belongs to those

who believe in the beauty of their

dreams.”Rabbit King Kaka is aiming beyond the sky.”I do not know what awaits in the

future but I have a plan for my future.Am my

own boss,”he says.

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