I will Vie for President in 2017

Musings by Tim

I have been a faithful taxpayer in this lovely country called Kenya. I have been doing my bit in building the nation, dutifully and diligently. Tax my friend is a painful burden, but one that every citizen worth their salt bears with pride. I will let you know why.

The income tax rate in Kenya is about 30%. That means that if you earn a gross salary of KES 100,000 per month you are obligated by law to remit to the State about KES 30,000 every month. That means every year you shall remit to the tax man approximately KES 360,000.

I am certain that if this was a savings plan you had, you would reap neat returns. Assuming in the very rare occasion that your salary does not grow with your career growth and you worked for 35 years, you will have contributed KES 12,600,000 in income tax…

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